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About Me

Well, if you are at this page I believe you know my name and also my profession by now. 

I breathe and think about astronomy, these are the only things I do perfectly right, except all other. My mother always tells me, you are the most boring person on Earth and should give my self time outside the world of Astronomy. I was 4 year old when it all started, I still remember one day when one of my teacher told me about the Moon and added that moon shines because it reflected the light of Sun. I spent 4 consecutive nights to check any traces of sunlight in Moon but could not, although that made me fall in love with the heavens.

There is another interesting story I can tell you about my child hood. I was just 4-5 year old when I got my first astronomy book, many would laugh on it, if I dare to tell the title - it was Life story of a star. Yes it had every thing about neutron star, supernova, while dwarf, black hole, chandrashekhar's limit and more. I deliberately took this book in hindi as I barely knew how to read. Then my father use to read that book for me like a story book in night and after every page he use to ask me, can read rest tomorrow. This is how I learned more about astronomy and developed some thing more then an interest.

I did my schooling from Kendriya Vidyalaya (Central School, AGCR Collony Delhi) and on my fare well I received a title of Mr. Project-Man. This was becuase I had represented my school in different science project making completions at state and national level.

School days was great, but then came the BSc (Gen.) and MSc. (Phy.) from University of Delhi. In my school days I always wanted to get an admission to BSc. (Phy.) in DU, but could not got one because of my low score in English language. I was actually heart broken but then consoled by the family and friends. I regain my composer and concentrated towards the next goal MSc. from Du as they were offering a specialization course in Astrophysics and Cosmology. Normally students from BSc (Gen) are not able to get an admission in Master course, because they have to clear an entrance exam and more over the syllabus of that entrance exam is based on BSc (Phy.). Amazingly I was one of the only two students that year from BSc (Gen.) to clear that entrance and get admission in Mster of Physics at Deptt. of Physics and Astrophysics, University of Delhi. It was there for first time I was introduced to Astrophysics formally.

Then in 2006 I joined planetarium as an Educator and still working there and learning new things every day from each and every visitor coming there from different spectrum of world. In 2008, I received an opportunity to participate in Space Camp for Teachers and Educators, sponsored by Boeing Company. I was the only Indian and more over also the only Educator out of 110 teachers selected for this program. In this 1 week program I was introduced to variety of practical methods of teaching even the most difficult subjects like Space Science, Mathematics, Physics, Social Science, Art and other school subject instead of just restricting ourself to bookish knowledge.

In that program we did different activities ourself so that we can teach those methods to our students more effectively.  We were divided into different groups. I was part of group DESTINY and further belonged to a sub group of 4 consisting of 3 physics teacher and one elementary school teacher. While doing those different activities the most important lesson I learned was never apply physics to do any thing but rather always take physics as a common sense science. This is the only method to not just learn physics but also absorb physics inside. There are lot of other experiences I would like to share with all of you but I'll require some more time to gather my thoughts and get pen it down. So, do visit me again. Till then wish you clear skies.

For all my professional achievements you may also like to see my CV

Anurag Garg,
Oct 26, 2010, 1:40 AM